Friday, October 12, 2018

Dick Harrell COPO 427 Camaro finally gets out of the garage... after 40 years of storage. The only 4 speed Harrell ever built... spent 90% of it's life so far in a garage not being used

and the kicker? The old guy who was "going to restore it someday"? Inherited it when his brother died in 1977. He just made a fortune for storing it for decades, darn shame he didn't enjoy driving it.

It amazes me to hear the owner say some nonsense like "I wasn't going to be able to finish it the fashion that I wanted to" when you can see that he's done zero with it in 40 years. That's a clear confusion on his part. When you haven't ever started, you're full of shit to say you aren't going to be able to finish it.

What's wrong with being honest and saying - I was too broke to buy parts or pay for a paint job, so I held onto it until I was offered the right price by a collector who is simply going to profit off it.

Funny how the 1972 Barracuda used the same stripe design.

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