Thursday, August 30, 2018

Con-Ferr Incorporated in Burbank, made Steve McQueen's Super Jeep... current whereabouts unknown

Tim saw the post I just did with the above image... and found that Four Wheeler magazine had made an article about it:

Originally a ’glass hood and fender assembly was installed for a significant reduction in weight, but an unfortunate prior experience with a hasty installation on another vehicle persuaded the customer to revert to the stock item.

Hinges, clamps, and a glovebox door were chromed. A full set of Stewart Warner instruments was let into the dash. A central console was made up out of sheet stock to carry the Hurst shifter and special brackets and rails made from 1-inch-square tubing to carry the wiggy Solar Plastics bucket seats. These last, when properly upholstered, have to be the most comfortable, supportive seats ever to be put into an off-road vehicle. Running up from the Camaro Saginaw steering, the steering shaft terminates with a small foam padded wheel. This 13-inch item is all that’s necessary thanks to the power steering, and it imparts a sensitivity totally incongruous with the sheer beef of it all.

In place of the stock underseat fuel tank, two 15-gallon saddle tanks are stuffed up into the rear corners behind the wheels, and one big stainless steel 30-gallon tank rides under the body behind the rear axle.

Thanks E Willys! 


  1. Looks like he switched the slotted mags for chrome steelies, and added a rear wheel flare to keep the mud out of his ears.

  2. Never seen a double set of springs side by side, thats a new one for me.

    1. Yeah, but if I post, "this is the 1st time I've seen doubled up leave springs", some smart aleck thinks he has to make a comment about it, lol...

  3. There are more details and pics of the build in the 1970 Con-Ferr Catalog. See pages 48-51 on this post: