Friday, October 13, 2017

Southern California carpool lanes... so congested people are starting to bitch about cheaters, and CHP is getting tech to detect how many occupants are in the vehicles

People who are alone in cars are switching on carpool lane transponders that charge them for using the lane,  as many as 30% of the carpool lane users are doing this, and it's getting the lanes jsut asa backed up as the regular lanes.

Well, the people that bought vehicles in order to use the carpool lanes, (from 2005 to 2011) they began creating the problem they spent money to escape, the gridlock traffic in the normal lanes

Add both of these issues to the number of people who simply risk the ticket to use the lanes but aren't carpooling, and suddenly, the problem is big enough to do something about

There are areas with "Express Lanes" like Interstate 15 between Interstate 78 and the 163 where you can pay to use the lanes, by yourself, by purchasing a transponder that pays a toll.

Solo drivers can get FasTrak online or at Costco to use the lanes for $35 for $40 in tolls, determined by a distance-based dynamic pricing system.

There are some screwy things about car pool lanes / Diamond Lanes / HOV Lanes... like, some places have a requirement that only vehicles with 3 people can use them... such as the USA / Mexico border area at San Diego - San Ysidro and TiJuana, but in the San Francisco area, if a car is built with 2 seats, and can't get three people inside (sports cars, auto-cycles) they are waivered past the 3 people law

"Certain routes in the San Francisco Bay Area I-80 and I-880, Los Angeles I-10 El Monte Bus Way (during peak hour) and San Diego I-5 San Ysidro requires three or more (3+) persons per vehicle to access the HOV lanes. Signs along the highway will specify the enforcement policy for each route. For San Francisco Bay Area ONLY, originally factory designed vehicles with a maximum two-seat occupancy may access the HOV(3+) lanes as long as there are two occupants in the vehicles."

and get THIS BULLSHIT,  the mass transit / public transit govt bus is allowed to use the carpool lanes with no passengers, but school bus and tourism buses aren't!

In Colorado, people use the Express Lanes, but duck out of the lane to avoid having their transponder picked up and charged

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