Saturday, October 14, 2017

I doubt you noticed, but, this week JACG has had 50% content

For some strange reasons, now and then I find some really good sources of cool stuff, or go to more car shows than usual, and this happened this week.

So instead of the usual 90-100 posts, I have broken my previous record of 154 posts in a week.

So, there's that. It doens't really mean anything else. But I figured it was worth noting that this week has had more posts than any other in my 11 years of this blog


  1. Thanks !! for all the great posts. You are appreciated, and I love all the posts that you publish. The mechanical world is amazing and the pictures you find are treasures. I try to check everyday and you never disappoint. If it has an engine....someone will race it. Learn something everyday here.
    Thanks again, Les

    1. Seconded. And all those great banner pics....