Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I hadn't heard that the Fords had a locked hood


  1. I heard when I was buying my fist year model (2014)(I bought it new in 9-2015) Transit Connect, that the previous model had locking hoods. Well, it wasnt until I went to have the van looked at, at the near by Ford dealer... after feeling the trans chatter going down the highway, slight grade up, doing 75...
    The service tech wanted my key to check whatever under the hood... I asked him why not pull the hood latch under the dash... He was surprised that it didnt have a key for the hood...
    You can not however, open the hood without opening the drivers door.
    As for the chatter, the tech said that he had not seen the new model, ever. He didnt even know they existed... with 1,700 miles on it, it was too new to check for anything... Now with 30K on it, it chatters more often. Its the 6 speed auto with dual clutch. I routinely shift to sport, and drop a gear manually to get rid of it.

    1. still chattering, and you haven't had them fix that?

  2. My 2010 model Ford Focus XR5 Turbo (or ST in Europe) which was made in Germany had that key lock under the badge to open the bonnet, too. This model was available in Australia and Europe but not in the US. I have since replaced it with the current model Focus ST which has a more traditional unlocking method.

  3. Our 2012 Ford Kuga has a locking hood, it’s a good idea but a pain when you just want to top up washer bottle....