Friday, September 09, 2016

MMR, one of the best painted pieces of nose art... no amateur could do the shading and colors this well, nor the good looking face. Faces are very hard to draw or paint lifelike


  1. THAT is excellent. Facial proportion is about the hardest thing to master. Making humans recognisable is no trick.
    And nobody censored her boobies. Very Good.

  2. Two or three decades ago I read about bomber crews being ordered to paint over some of the more provocative nose art girls, on account of the British being very uptight about stuff like that. So the girls in question got into some very tight fitting swimwear. Outsmating their superiors, the crews used water colours, of course, which would disappear first time the plane flew through a cloud.

    Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read it, or how credible the source was.

    1. I would love to see something more on that! Ha! Great idea!