Monday, July 18, 2016

Stormy in Colorado off the I70 has a 1949 Nash tow truck for sale, that is mighty rare. I've never seen one restored that I can recall.

with only 26 thousand miles on it. He wants 18,500 dollars for it. Seems like a no brainer if you have the money to purchase it.

Nash did not want their cars towed by Ford or Chevy wreckers, so they made a small number of tow trucks just to sell to Nash dealerships.

there is one restored at the Terry Gale Rambler Ranch

and one was at the Hays Antique Truck Museum which is in the process of moving to Reno from Woodland Ca (Thanks Dennis!)


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    1. how many times does this post need to say so?

  2. I own two including the one pictured above. Paul 817-999-1260

    1. no kidding, well that is cool! What are you doing with them? Car museum, flip for profit, take them to shows and cruises?

    2. Hi im John Nash what are you asking for your truck ? You own two ?

    3. John, he posted his phone number. Call it.