Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NYPD seems to be getting a pass from major media... but 2 dui cops in a month? And another NYPD cop w/o justification shooting a unarmed non suspect due to road rage? and 3 NYPD plead guilty to bribery? Is there any honest cop in all of NYPD? The NYPD chief should resign in shame and disgust that his dept is full of dirty cops

Bystanders corralled a drunken off-duty nypd Officer Nicholas Batka, after his speeding SUV killed a Brooklyn pedestrian and horribly injured three of his college pals

The Durango was seen swerving in the seconds before impact. His runaway SUV tore the leg off one victim and left another impaled on a fence, witnesses said.

The inebriated second-year cop flashed his badge and slipped into his SUV’s passenger’s seat about 3 a.m. Saturday as the mangled victims writhed in agony on a bloodstained sidewalk in Williamsburg.

A cell phone video captured a man in a red shirt wagging a menacing finger at Batka, keeping the SUV door shut tight and the off-duty cop pinned inside.

The sloshed cop was trapped inside the SUV — on the driver’s side by a utility pole he crashed into and on the passenger side by the enraged onlookers.


Detective Jermaine Clark, also off-duty, was arrested for driving drunk June 27 after crashing his Honda into several parked cars near Brooklyn College just after noon.

Responding officers noticed that Clark had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on his breath at the scene, according to officials. Clark, a nearly 13-year veteran of the force, was charged with driving while his ability was impaired and refusing to take a breath test.


New York’s finest haven’t been doing much better outside their cars. On Wednesday, audio surfaced of an NYPD captain pressuring an inferior officer to engage in racial profiling. Three NYPD commanders were arrested on federal corruption charges June 20. The following day, police in Brooklyn launched an overnight manhunt, which included use of a search helicopter, to find Rhamar Perkins.

Perkins, who is 16-years old, had run away after jumping a subway turnstile.

Now you may have a bit more understanding about why people all over the USA are angry that cops are corrupt, dirty, and no damn good. Or you can look at former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and undersheriff Paul Tanaka, both getting 5 years federal prison terms for interfering with an FBI investigation on civil rights violations and lying to investigators during an FBI probe of civil rights violations in the jail system - just 2 of 10 cops who have been convicted of intimidating the lead FBI agent, concealing the whereabouts of an inmate, a federal informant, and pressuring deputies not to cooperate with the investigation. Those were the police dept's finest ? and most senior officers !


But that is just the smallest sliver of corruption in NYPD. Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, 50, Deputy Inspector James Grant, 43, and Sgt. David Villanueva, 42, all high-ranking members of the police force, and Officer Richard Ochetal, who previously pleaded guilty to bribery charges in the investigation. The charges are part of wider probe by federal prosecutors and the FBI focusing on police supervisors and whether they engaged in services like police escorts, fixing traffic tickets or shutting down streets for private events. Reichberg and Rechnitz have been generous supporters of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Rechnitz was the target of a fundraising investigation until he pleaded guilty to corruption charges several weeks ago.


  1. Who is going to come to your aid if it isn't the police? It's a job you wouldn't be able to do. Blue lives matter.

    1. You really are stupid. You don't know me, and instead of using someone else's brain to ask me if I can do the job, you just fucked up. I was a cop for 3 years, federal. So, yeah, how about you cool your jets, and drink some water, because maybe you are dehydrated, or crazy from the heat. I notice you didn't bother referencing the post, or how clearly guilty the cops are. The first problem isn't you, or your fucked up attitude, it's that us Americans no longer have the freedoms in the bill of rights.... like, bear arms, and speech. We don't get to carry a pistol on our hip, old wild west style. That alone would stop a lot of bullshit. Or the ability to have a duel, like vice president Hamilton did. He had been George Washington's senior aide, and Capt of a militia, and was one of the more prominent founding fathers of this country. No bullshit in those days, you carried a gun or sword of you wanted to. Why isn't that the way it is now? Idiots like you is why. And idiot police. I don't need some jackass in uniform to show up and get in my damn way, they can hang out at the office and catch up on paperwork, and fillup on donuts. If firemen can hang out and train at their shop, so can the cops. Or they can man up and walk a beat, and man a post, and hang out at the damn intersections and catch red light runners. Frankly, I don't need a cop for anything. And I don't need some moron that thinks "Blue Lives Matter" you stupid fuck - all lives matter, and the fucking cops can stop fucking shooting unarmed innocent people. Cops need to grow up, and join the military if they are so damn trigger happy. Cops can eat donuts and do paper work, or they can man the damn border and stop illegal immigrants and potential muslim terrorists from sneaking into the USA. I've posted a long list of the many times cops shot the wrong people, or people who weren't doing the right thing, but certainly weren't armed and dangerous. Cops are half the problem, and idiots like you are the other half. If both of you disappeared, we'd get some peace and quiet for a change. If you don't believe me, ask the women who were delivery newspapers in a Toyota, and were shot by dumbass LAPD looking for a large black guy in a Nissan during the Dorner Manhunt.

    2. Oh, I'M the idiot. Go back and read your post and try to get off the 'roids, dude. You seem to be like the cops you hate so much. In the meantime, GFY.

    3. Yes, you are the idiot. You assume too damn much, and you're wrong about most everything you've brought up. I'm not on roids, never have been. You might be, I wouldn't know, and would not bother to tell you I think you are or aren't, I'd simply ask. I'm not like cops, I was a cop. 3 years, and I wasn't a trigger happy racist out to kill blacks. I can do a long list of cops that are, they seem to show up in the news on a weekly basis, and anyone can google their names. FYI, go fuck myself? If you feel that way, why the hell are you on MY website? Piss off, you attitude with a person problem

  2. Jesse, I have enjoyed your blog, for the last time. You are a complete asshole

    1. I knew that when I started, and I don't give a shit, why should you? You weren't invited, didn't have to subscribe, and pay no dues. I really don't give a shit that some anonymous reader is taking off. I'm not doing this site for you, dipshit. I was here long before you, and I'll be here long after you. I never asked you for your advice, your religion, your philosophy, or your politics, and you never asked me any of that shit, nor my history or resume. So, blow - baby, ease on down the road. Si-o-nara

    2. I'm not anonymous, and I'll bust your a ss every time you get out of line, Mr. Thinks He Is A Bad A ss.

    3. Yes, o I'm hiding behind a screen name, with zero info on my Google Profile, wake up and smell the coffee. You're anonymous, and full of yourself. You'll bust my ass? And you don't see that you're the problem? You - are a moron.

  3. also, Cops volunteer to get shot at, and so do criminals with guns. BUT THE POINT IS that unarmed people did NOT. Cops can quit, and criminals can too. BUT UNARMED INNOCENT PEOPLE CAN'T! Get it now? The guy who was shot dead because he walked up to the road raging NYPD? Innoent, and black. Now dead. So take your bullshit to a farmer that needs fertilizer.

  4. Dusty Rider......is that what your known as on Brokeback Mountain?