Monday, July 18, 2016

Hat 'n' Boots gas station, built in 1955 to draw in customers to a strip mall. The gas attendants all wore cowboy outfits

Seattle artist Lewis Nasmyth was hired to "rustle up" a design for a western-style gas station in Georgetown Oregon. Featuring a 44-ft. wide cowboy hat and 22-ft. high boots, the Hat n' Boots opened the next year to a stampede of customers.

The office was under the hat, which read's "Premium Tex" at one point

In fact, for a time it was the biggest selling station in the state. But in the early 60's, a brand new interstate, I-5, started diverting traffic away from the station, and by the 80s it was out of business

the boots are his and hers bathrooms, this is a novel concept for a roadside attraction bathroom!

The tallest one was the men's restroom. It had bold and dark coloring. The shorter boot housed the women's restroom. It was painted in soft pastels. There was also a six foot tall concrete cactus that served as an air pump which is gone now.

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