Sunday, January 19, 2014

The news you never want to get, a fire truck landed on your pristine 60's musclecar, that you've had for 34 years since age 16

How does the fire engine "land" on your car?

The road up the hill was very narrow, and the fire truck went to0 close to the edge on a curve, slid over, rolled, and ended right side up on the 1969 Firebird

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  1. Oh man that's awful! I love those Firebirds!

  2. This made me a little sick to my stomach. He may need grief therapy.

  3. Oh man, that just can't suck enough. My heart goes out to the owner. as I have a '69 Firebird too. Damn that just sucks.

  4. while the people above me are worried about the firebird I feel bad for the fire department that just lost a Keene piece of fire apparatus

    1. that fire truck is replaceable with another new fire truck... that car? Hasn't been a new one in 42 years, and that owner? Has spent 34 years taking care of it, having adventures in it, intending to give let his kids drive it to prom, high school graduation present to his kids maybe, and meantime take it to shows, cruises, and other car stuff. His loss isn't negligible. I hope you can find some understanding Jon... that fire truck was a piece of gear, that car was a family treasure with history and future.