Sunday, September 15, 2013

I've only ever seen 3 of these "fatman/tilt lok" steering wheels before, and today I found 3 all at the same event...

more astonishing is that the vehicle above had it's wheel in one position, and the same wheel model below was in another car and in the opposite position, so you can compare and get an idea of how it functions so big bellied drivers could get in an out of a car

for one from last year

plus I looked through the archives, here are a couple other styles that flip up


  1. Hi

    Just to let you know that another site seems to have copied this post entirely and posted it on their own site


    the second one won't load, but does come up in Google search results



    1. thanks! yes, there are about 50 sites out there that were made in 2010-2014 that copied or "scraped" my content. It was a weird thing that seemed to stop after that, maybe the computer hacker types that did this finally figured out there was no money in it.
      Thanks for the tip though!