Saturday, September 21, 2013

1960's race car carrier still moving racecars after about 5 decades, still labeled Hemi Engineering Special 111 Greer and Keith Black 409

and this might be the 57 Chev that gets transported... I'm going to try to confirm it


  1. Finally, someone gets it! We use it to haul our 57 Chevy Gasser to long distance shows. Not bad for a $200.00 barn find (actually it was a scrap yard find). With the help of Don Prudhomme, we date this trailer about 1964, after Don left the trio.
    To see our car, you can go to our YouTube Channel, BigRan57Fan.
    Thank you for posting these pictures of our trailer.

    1. I'm glad to be the one to find your trailer, and get it! It's awesome! You are to be thanked for keeping it on the road and in use! Is the 57 in the video yours?

    2. yes it is....sorry but I just came across this.

    3. think nothing of it. That is really damn cool!