Saturday, February 02, 2013

the 70's were quite a roll, the cars that were customized were far out, the ones that were produced were lousy. Here's a cheer to the customizers, the "Street Freaks" , and the street racers.

Notice the above has doubled the tail lights on both sides, and now it looks a lot like Cougar brake lights... the closest side is clearer to see that they didn't use Cougar tail lights though

stretch the tail, or replace the trunk with an El Camino bed? They kept the Firebird rear spoiler though

Square headlights and a superbird wing, unusual.

above, yuck, white walls in front


  1. The first and last cars are great and I love the airbrushed Farrah.

  2. Guilty of the back fat tires. Those were the days.

    1. they were a very cool look. In 1990 I bought a pair of racing profile N50s, on 15s, from some guy that had planned to put them on his 68 Road Runner, until he realized that they weren't going on without modifying something, and his RR was pristine, so he decided to not cut or chop his very perfect original car/investment. I put them on my Dakota, with some cool matching 10" front rims, and when I sold that truck, kept the rims, and put them on a 71 Challenger I replaced it with. if you'd like to see what that looked like, rattle can poor, but with cool car and cool tires. That Challenger had a 340 that someone had worked on until it was about 300 hp to the tires.... it was damn healthy. I really liked it, but the Hawaii state registration process required that a car have a safety check, and the windshield wiper motor had died, so, I had to sell it as I couldn't register it anymore, and that meant I couldn't get the military base registration either.
      No choice in the matter, as windshield wiper motors were impossible to get in 1993, in Hawaii, with no junkyards, no internet, and no reproduction companies making the motors