Saturday, February 02, 2013

the 70's were quite a roll, the cars that were customized were far out, the ones that were produced were lousy. Here's a cheer to the customizers, the "Street Freaks" , and the street racers. Winged warrior variety

Daytonas above, Superbirds below

How about that hood scoop arrangement? A pair of Super Bee / Demon scoops, and arranged in a unique way I've never seen before. Plus, the fender scoops for tire clearance that are normally found on Superbirds aren't on this car

all found on and


  1. I remember, several years ago, when the "Big Willie" Daytona was listed on eBay.

    Google searching "big willie daytona" then click "Images" will reveal many interesting photos.

    If the link works, you can simply click below, or copy and paste to your browser:

  2. Great Pictures of cars people actually drove and went to work in and some just for racing on Saturday and Sunday Way to go shooter