Saturday, February 02, 2013

Anyone want to chime in on a case of theft?

Do the photos look familiar? It's because they are mine. I took them at the Bo Huff Rockabilly car show , but you see that the banner says Kustom Car Parts?

That's because although they say:

we, Ron & Jill and Family, do everything we can to try to earn not only your business, but your respect as well.

 We talk about little things like how to answer the telephone and what to post on the Web Site or on Social Media like Facebook.

 We try to learn something from every single customer we come in contact with so that we can serve the next one better. We discuss our mistakes and try not to repeat them.

on their website

but they didn't think about asking me to give them my permission to use my photos on their website.

If they have heard of the term Copyright, it's not apparent

Ain't that sweet? I just thought I'd see if anyone wants to give me their opinion on this 


  1. I completely understand the term "Copyright", and know that in some circumstances it's rather important.

    Between the cost and time put towards all of the images that I have in my collection, the real value is quite substantial. But I know that the second I post, or allow someone to post for me, the image can be copied millions of times, in the USA alone. And to be honest...I couldn't care less.

    BUT...if the image was used for profit, I would then expect (or demand) some sort of compensation.

    "Respect" and "Courtesy" may as well be removed from the English language, as they are so seldom used.

  2. I posted the following on their website, perhaps others can do something similar.

    "As long as you are so good at telling us how you deal in an ethical, customer friendly manner, I would appreciate it if you were to give proper copyright credit to the photographers whose pictures you use. Your actions speak louder than your words, thief."

  3. My opinion? It sux. Whats wrong with saying 'Thanx to Just A car Guy for the cool pix' or something?

  4. What kind of business has to borrow .........just say please & thank you

  5. You are correct. It is theft.

  6. You should expect to be paid for them. Yes, your photos will turn up on other sites, but under copyright law no business has the right to use any photos they don't have permission for.

  7. Send them a note to remove the photos...they should and call it even. People have no respect. If they dont, get a lawyer, and show them you mean business.

  8. True, it's a bad deal that they stole your photos, but I don't see anything on your website that would indicate that the photos are copyrighted (I didn't look very hard so my apologies if I missed it.) Don't take this as a defense of their actions, but unless you actually claim copyright on your photos and your posts, there aren't many who would think twice about "borrowing" your work, and there's really not much you can do about it. But even then, putting the circle-c on an image is no guarantee that it's not going to be ripped off either.

    If you haven't done so before, check out