Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hemmings is ready to hire an editor who will work from their Bennington Vermont offices

Associate Web Editor job description
Hemmings Motor News is looking for a collector car enthusiast and writer to join its expanding online editorial team as an associate web editor. This will be a rewarding experience for somebody who:
·         Is a digital native and understands web culture. Blog and social network experience are a must, not only because you should be familiar with the mechanics of new media, but also because you should be comfortable interacting with your audience on both a personal and professional level.
·         Loves to write, and write well. Journalism doesn't have to be stuffy, especially when it's covering an enthusiast hobby like collector cars, but it does have to be engaging and accurate and produced in a timely manner.
·         Knows old cars and old car culture like the back of your greasy hand. Not only will we expect you to know what GTO stands for, we'll be checking under your fingernails. You know all the best swap meets, car shows, and junkyards to visit. The more time you've put in under cars and the more automotive books in your library, the better chance you have at this job.
·         Is self-motivated and self-directed. You don't want to be a robot churning out content all day long, and neither do we; instead, you should be able to develop contacts and generate story ideas, then turn that groundwork into stories that people want to read.
If you think you've got what it takes, we're looking forward to seeing your resume and published writing samples.
This is a full time position with competitive benefits. Hemmings is located in scenic Bennington, Vermont. 

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