Thursday, July 07, 2011

Looking into the past, the Cameraist - James Powell's incredible project

Richard asked in the comments how the addresses were found for the old photos, in order to find the current location to do these cool double images... Jason replied in the comments that the landmarks are fairly well known to him, as he has lived in DC a long time. I want to add to that this info, the photos are from, and it's a great website I've browsed for years and reposted many images here, and in the numerous comments after each photo that Shorpy posts you can usually find the address, and the cross street, and more trivia about the items in the photos.

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  1. How on Earth do you find the address for all those old photos?

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM


  3. I'm a DC resident, so I just happen to know many of the landmarks. For the others, if you blow the originals up large you can see addresses pretty often.