Sunday, July 31, 2011

The "All VW car show" in LaJolla today... about time LaJolla was the site of a car show!

this is the worst condition I've seen an Allstate one wheel trailer in, but it sure looks right at home behind the rusty bug 

  Cool method of hanging the license plate
 Harlequin Edition, yeah, who knew?

Volkswagen manufactured approximately 260 different 4-door 1996 Golfs in one single base color then swapped around the panels like a couple of bored junkyard employees.

The result was that each car had four different colors on it: the base color (the color of the C-pillar), plus a series of swapped panel colors that always went in a certain order. To be more precise, the colors weren't totally random -- a car with a certain base color always had a certain-colored front passenger door and a certain-colored hood, for instance.

The four colors were Pistachio Green, Ginster Yellow, Tornado Red and Chagall Blue, none of which were offered on a regular 1996 Golf.

 great helmet

 Having a book made of your restoration, that is cool!

 this ashtray reminds me of the funny labels, the "Das Schmokegedunka " etc pidgen German

 this is funny... quite the sales pitch.

thanks to the organizer, Howard Singer,  for kick starting car shows in LaJolla, and to P.A. for spreading the word and letting people know it was happening

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