Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tucker Snow Cat, the pioneering vehicle of the Trans Antarctic Expedition

Not exactly the same model as the one in the publicity shot below

For a you tube video of some in action in the Antarctic, crossing and getting stuck in the crevass... and how they got out of it, see:


  1. Thanks for this - like you I love SnoCats but especially the one from the 55-58 Antarctic Expedition which I'm fascinated about as I love all things to do with arctic or antarctic exploration.

    I'm currently trying to build a 1/15th scale model of this SnoCat 743 of Lego Technic parts so was wondering if you have any square-on photos of the side(s) of the SnoCat you could share with me? I need to try and measure it up to make sure everything is scaled correctly but obviously most of the photos are taken at an angle to get the back or front in as well which makes measuring pretty much impossible.
    So if you had anything I'd really appreciate a copy via email (or maybe add it to this page?)

    BTW, if you're interested there is another book called "Crevasse Roulette" from 2009 by Jon Stephenson (ISBN 9781877058660) which is a larger format book with lots of pics and maps etc - and on the cover is the classic photo of the SnoCat hanging over the crevasse. It's a brilliant book but not sure if it's still available - I got mine for $1 at a book sale a few years back.

    1. I posted the photos I had, get in touch with Sno Cat
      Thanks for the book info!

    2. I can do you one favor though... that book seems to be worth hundreds Hardcover
      from $634.22
      4 Used from $634.22
      1 New from $2,545.81

    3. Wow, had no idea that book was worth that much - might have to get up on eBay!