Saturday, January 31, 2009

Terracuda by Foose

The story goes that one of his customers brought in a Breitling watch and asked Chip to make his car the same color. This was the result, a 1970 Plymouth Barrauda painted in Terracuda Brown with California Gold stripes, both of which are part of Foose's new line of paints developed with BASF.
The unibody of the original car was removed and replaced with a custom frame designed by Chip and built by Art Carr, and every panel of the car has been changed in some way. Chip wasn't satisfied with the front tires symmetry with the front bumpers and fenders, so they've been moved forward three inches to create less of an overhang, and the rear bumper has been cut down and tucked in.

400 hours of work just in the front bumper
Here's the odd part, it was inspired when car fanatic Daren Metropoulos of New York met with Foose and showed him a Breitling watch – with a bronze anodized face - and said “THIS is the color I want.”
Daren has been a business guy that reboots failing companies like Pabst, Hostess and others

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