Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trivia and definitions

A couple of meanings to things I just had taken for granted

Spider Veloce - sports fast

( Jeep ) CJ - Civilian Jeep

( Lamborghini ) Miura - The last name of a well known bull breeder; Don Edward Miura

Countach - Italian slang expressing praise or astonishment, vocalized by an assembly mechanic who was part of the team hurrying to complete the first for a exhibition of the new model

Lamborghini's are mostly named for bulls or bullfighting because the founder, Ferruccio, was a Taurus. Exceptions are the 350 and 400 GT lines, and the Countach.

The British Motor Company in 1968 was absorbed into British Leyland (BL), which had been nationalized in 1965 and renamed Leyland Cars. In 1977 it was again renamed BL Cars.
In 1986 BL Cars was renamed the Rover Group.