Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rare Porsche engines stolen, recovered, then auctioned to raise funds for a charity

Vasek Polak was a Porsche race car driver, Porsche collector and Porsche, BMW, and SAAB dealer. He died in a wreck on the autobahn in 1997, leaving his estate to his charity foundation that is a cancer research.

In 2000, thieves stole 7 NOS and race prepped Porsche motors, four naturally-aspirated Porsche 917K race engines, a NOS 3.0L Porsche 908, one 2.2L Porsche 907 Hillclimb engine, and one 3.4L Porsche 911 race engine.

His engines were stolen from Torrence Ca, and were found in El Segundo 6 years later.

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