Friday, June 29, 2007

GE Imagination at work

GE is going to attempt to put out a new product in the next 5 years for cars, it's a new coating that will shed water in a new way, and as the water slides off, it's supposed to scrub off dust and dirt.

"Research into so-called "hydrophobicity"—or the properties of water repellence—has been focusing for the most part on the surface structure of the lotus, an Asian plant that retains a pristine appearance despite thriving in muddy waterways.

Among other things, the texture of the plant's surface, which consists of microscopic "hills and valleys," creates a thin layer of air that prevents full contact with water or dirt. As a result, water rolls off its leaves, taking the dirt with it. "

GE says its coating would be expected to last about 10 years.