Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archaeologists in Antwerp Belgium have unearthed a century-old train carriage, unfortunately there’s very little left of the relic, as it disintegrated while being excavated.

Nobody knows how the rare model ended up underground in the metropolis of Antwerp, 500 miles from the rail company’s English headquarters.

The old train car was found during excavations of a 19th-century fortress known as the Northern Citadel, according to a statement from LNER. Made of wood and painted dark red with yellow lettering, the wagon is a “removals” car, used for moving people’s belongings from residence to residence.

Stuart Thomas, LNER’s communications director, in a statement. “Just last year, we celebrated 100 years since the LNER came into being in 1923. In our 101st year, it is incredible to discover more of LNER history has been buried in a field in Belgium for so many decades.”

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