Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seriously, the Optima Challenge has to be congratulated and recognized as getting people into their garages and making some extremely track focused race cars, that are still street legal. Maiden Texas, for example... just pure bitchin - cool

Seriously to coolest "found" shifter (not hand made or bought) I've seen in forever

 The problems he's had in the past with getting through tech last year were what you might expect from a race car, no windshield wipers, required lights, and other things a cop would give you a ticket for, or things that would keep you from passing a state safety inspection (horn, lights, wipers) but this year it was a new issue... the lack of windows. He has plexi glass in the doors, but no way to slide or roll them up. He handled it in the pits though with some straps.

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