Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mark Allen, the Director of Jeep design drives this fantastic 401 AMX for fun

notice the center of the trunk lid has the gas filler cap, for a fuel cell no doubt.

compare it to a stock 73 

everything looks better with a hood scoop, and custom design changes for better appearances

in a MotorTrend interview last May he said this about it:

I am currently finishing up a long-term project of a '73 AMC Javelin AMX that I have modified extensively to behave and feel more modern without losing the identity of the car. I have wanted to build a vehicle from the era of American muscle cars for quite a while but really did not wish to have a car that is common or familiar, so I purposely chose something obscure from FCA's twisted family tree. The build style is sort of pro-touring, but as it would have been done in the '70s. I am wrapping up this project now and should be ready to cruise this summer.


  1. i love the Javlins

    every one has a Camaro or Mustang, dont see many Javlins.
    and the second gens like this one were so swoopy and curvy.

  2. Bring a Trailer started going downhill almost immediately after it got sold.
    they used to have only interesting cool vintage cars and now have started listing Honda Civics and minivans, starting to shill anything for a buck. used to be THE premiere website for how to and amazing fabrication instructions, it got sold to a large corporation and ruined because everything became about money instead of sharing knowledge, and every member left and started their own website, Irate4x4

    1. I think you put this comment on the wrong post

  3. I know from experience that the 401 Go Pkg AMX was a serious hoot to drive. I not too sure why he wanted to make the greenhouse look like a Camaro though. I like the original - just sayin', to each his own.