Monday, November 25, 2019

the kraken trike; with 2 hubless wheels mounted as outriders to a monowheel... very unusual. A bad resolution video is all there is so far... and it's called the Krakentrike, from the Diesel Brothers tv show from what I read in an episode description

I'm pretty sure the guy sitting in it is  @Diesel_Monkey89

it started out like this (9 months ago)

Not sure who built it, be a couple hashtags aren't getting me anywhere

#thekrakentrike #headturnercustoms #sparksmotors #dieselbrothers aren't coming up with more photos, and nothing has come up with a video yet


  1. It's a tricycle ffs

  2. that is very not like you guys

  3. I live near Olympia, Wa and Seattle has a new hockey team starting this season. The team is named the "Kraken". I was so excited relating your unusual. "Kraken" machine that I am wondering if you could adapt this to operate on ice. Mabe directional skates on the front and a sort of drive wheel in the rear. Pardon me, you guys are the masters. I was just thinking it could be a new age mechanical mascot for the team. I'm very cuirous of the price of a modified "Kraken". The team may not be interested. I suppose I should find this out before anything gets started. I would appreciate an estimate if possible. I thank you very much. I'm a disabled veteran just trying to help out somewhere. Thanks again Gerald L.

    1. I simply share the stories I come across, like a newspaper, or magazine. I didn't make this, haven't seen it in person, and suggest that if you're interested, you use some Google Fu, and email the people that made it.
      Nothing I saw said it was for sale, nothing I shared mentioned them making it just to sell.
      Try reading a bit more carefully, I do see where I said who made it.
      Not me