Friday, August 02, 2019

Fageol’s Supersonic/Pataray

For the short period of time that the Fageol Supersonic existed as the Fageol Supersonic, it wowed the world. All ray gun spaceship cool and unlike anything else on the road, it could do no wrong.

Built by master craftsmen, it lapped Indy at incredible speeds and attracted media attention like a Hollywood starlet in the days before Motoramas and car magazines.

And then, it disappeared, torn apart and rebuilt and split into two, its history obscured and obfuscated, and only now is its full story coming to light as its successor, the Pataray, is getting prepared for public display once again.

I suppose there is no connection, but the similarities in it's creation and overall look reminded me of the Phantom Corsair

notice the similarity of the front bumper horizontal slats, long hood, aero dynamic 2 seater layout... sure, the Fageol has big wheel well humps... but both have useless headlights, split windshield, and fender skirts.

the Phantom Corsair was 1938, the Fageol was 1948

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  1. The side profile reminds me of a well known Bonneville racer but cant recall its details...