Saturday, December 29, 2018

George Harrison's Mini

George Harrison, considered the “quiet Beatle,” was actually the biggest gear head of them all. He enjoyed fast cars and was an avid Formula 1 racing fan. And although Lennon’s psychedelically painted Rolls-Royce Phantom V is perhaps the best-known Beatles automobile, Harrison’s similarly decorated 1966 Mini Cooper S isn’t far behind. In fact, the little car played a starring role in the Fab Four’s 1967 movie “Magical Mystery Tour,”

Shortly after production wrapped for “Magical Mystery Tour,” Harrison gave the head-turning Mini – with reg plates LGF 5960 – to close friend and fellow musician Eric Clapton. Clapton returned it to Harrison in the 1970s, but not before it was completely repainted. Since no one took detailed photos of the car wearing its original “Tanta Art,” the task of recreating the theme was eventually completed using old photos and images from the film.


  1. Great images of Beatles and there vehicles. I've never seen these before. The picture of George's Mini Copper with John hanging out the window looks like it might be from the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie. Thanks for the post Jesse. Interesting stuff.

  2. The mini looks like it has a sideway VW tail light.

  3. Sweet! Thanks for showing this, I really enjoy " art" cars.