Thursday, December 27, 2018

school bus driver surprised 70 students by getting them Christmas presents

Jenkins has worked for Richardson ISD for seven years and saved money from his paychecks this year in order to buy presents for the students on his daily route. His initial idea was to host a gift exchange, but when his wife Shaneqia pointed out that the kids’s families might not all be able to afford gifts, Jenkins decided to buy each of them what they asked Santa for instead.

"We talked about the things that they would want and I made a mental note of it and wrote it down," Jenkins said.

On the day before Christmas break the 70 gifts were all onboard, including puzzles, electronics and even a bike.

Jenkins, who has worked for Richardson ISD for seven years, said he remembered being the child who didn't get much for Christmas.

"I had an auntie that would buy a pack of socks and she would give us all one pack of socks and wrap it," Jenkins said. "When you're going to school and you have a hole in your socks, that new pair of socks meant something to you."

Jenkins said his work is his calling and he hoped to show each child they have value and are loved.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jesse. It shows that there good people in the world.

  2. Hooray for Jenkins!

  3. How Cool! This guy is a real hero.