Monday, October 17, 2016

With a name like Nukingfuts, and hailing from Australia, you already know you are going to see one hell of a show! What the video doesn't show is that he'd been told he wasn't allowed to compete anymore, from not making it through quals the previous day, so the event staff was pissed he pushed on by and put on a show

In the quals on the previous day, he made contact with the safety barrier, and that was the end of it, DNQ. But, on this day, he was in the waiting line for 4 hours, maybe because he was bullheaded, maybe because he'd been mislead to believe he'd be allowed to make a go for it, but anyway, the staff was clearly blocking the way, and telling him to shut it down.

If they really wanted to shut him off they could simply just shot a fire extinguisher down in his intake.

He didn't give a shit, had a good time, and proved that Aussies are still rebels. They banned him the following year in 2013, and he came back in 2014 with a car known as KILLRB


  1. Ever seen those guys play rugby?

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