Monday, October 17, 2016

German photographer Dieter Klein's project “Forest Punk” is now a book, once it was just a project that focused on photographing old cars within abandoned wastelands. Forest Punk 2 will be released in 2 months

Klein’s fascination, he explains, comes not from any attachment to the cars themselves but a thirst for the mysterious ways in which nature envelopes and repurposes each specimen.

In Belgium, he found the Allied forces abandoned car forest. The owner of the land was compelled to clean the place up in 2011 after it became too flooded with visitors.

In Sweden, he found a yard full of cars that had been transported piece by piece during the 1950s from neighboring Norway—where exporting whole vehicles was prohibited—and reassembled.

Klein’s ongoing project has taken him around the world, but one of his favorite places he found was only 30 miles from his hometown, Cologne; the 50 car art project of Michael Frohlich

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