Friday, February 05, 2016

the most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction, 1922 Brough Superior SS80 known as “Old Bill”

the most desirable motorcycle raced by George Brough himself, and has been featured in every book ever written about the outstanding Brough marque, ‘Old Bill’ is known to be one of the most exclusive bikes ever produced from the house of Brough. Produced in 1922, especially for Brough founder George Brough


  1. Hi Jesse,
    As an indication of Old Bill's reputation, George Brough gained FTD at 51 sprints in a row. The bike was also fastest at the 52nd, but famously George crossed the line separately (I think a tyre had failed) in an accident that ended his racing career. Old Bill was originally the name of a popular cartoon character, a Tommy in WW1. Regards, Tony

    1. 51 in a row? Wow! I had not learned that....
      I've posted about Old Bill, nose art and I suspect Old Bill was the model for the Locomobile hood ornament