Tuesday, August 11, 2015

tips from JP magazine for a better driving experience

By marking a line across your tire and driving straight down the road, you can determine what the correct tire pressure is for your Jeep. Depending on the weight and configuration of your Jeep, the correct tire pressure for you will likely vary from whatever the sidewall or owners manual says.

 By drawing a line across the tread, and adjusting pressure until the whole line wears off uniformly, you can save money by making sure your tires wear evenly.



  1. And how does the alignment of the suspension figure into tire wear?

    Do you want equal distribution of weight and handling, or would you rather save tire tread depending on the load on the vehicle.

    Printing this has done a great disservice.

    1. the alignment ought to be spot on, as you are driving a slow, straight, test run to see about the tire pressure. Tire alignment would figure into that only if your tires are out of alignment, and who has misaligned tires anyway? Airbagged cars? Slammed cars with stupid camber settings? I can see why you would prefer = distribution for handling, If you have a race car. This does not apply to race cars, as they have an expensive crew chief telling the race car driver what he is going to work with depending on the track. This info graphic serves the majority of people that drive cars to work, on errands, and aren't euro-car snobs. This isn't about cargo trailers, dump trucks, or motor cycles, either.... go pick your nits with some one else... this is a handy rarely used shade tree mechanic method to determine optimized tire pressure. Good grief, you've been subjected to an overabundance of fad cars