Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Walmart trucking collision with Tracy Morgan's limo... looks like Walmart might not be at fault

the driver had been awake 28 hours, because his shift started in Delaware, and he was home in Georgia... so he drove 12 hours to get to Delaware to start work, but he didn't bother getting some sleep first.

I think that is above and beyond an employers ability to monitor or control. They ought to be aware he lives 5 states away from work (how the hell does that compute during a job interview?)

the driver was 20 over the speed limit. I think that is beyond the ability of the employer to control, as long as it's under the speed govenor on the engine. In this case, it was a 65 in a 45 zone.

the limo was hit, rolled over on the New Jersey Turnpike, and trapped the guests inside, injuring 4, killing one, and none were wearing seat belts, and none could get out of the limo because there were no way out the doors, and the privacy panel was made of plywood, and wouldn't move aside so they could get out through the front seat area.

Tracy Morgan filed a civil suit, and was awarded unknown millions in a out of court settlement


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