Saturday, November 07, 2015

Boosted Bela, the 56 Chev... from a field in Memphis to the Mobil One booth at SEMA, built by Retro Designs Speed & Custom and Chevrolet Performance’s hot rodding and racing arm, The Block. The interior is a stunning masterwork by Steve Kurzman of The Custom Stitching Co..

the interior is incredible, and only the full photos of it at  do it justice

This was a project car for Chevrolet, they built it from a field found wreck, and have an entire website dedicated to it, where you can see the build, the design evolution, and tons of photos

and for the way it looked when they found it


  1. I will never in a zillion years understand the whole grungy look on a car. I fail to see it is preferable to a decent paint job.

    1. right away i want you to know I am not trying to be offensive.... just trying to explain why some people dig the patina - barnfind look to a new paint job, so please keep that in mind. It's something like coins, stamps or art... would you rather look at shiny new pennies, or at a bunch of old pennies that have different amounts of weathering and designs (indian head, wheat, etc) and stamps from the 1930s had so much to look at, but new stamps? Glossy and boring... no personality. Or art - would you rather look through Rockwell, Remington, and Parrish or the Museum of Modern art. I hope that helps to explain why lots of other people can dig the "as found" weathered look and not blast decades of time away with a shiny new paint job that looks like every other fresh built old car