Monday, October 27, 2014

the newest creation from Rodney Rucker, Blastolene Brother "1940 Packard Royal Streamliner"


  1. It is quite beautiful, but I can't see how it could possibly be road legal. I also only see what I assume to be a gas pedal, but where the heck is the brake pedal?

    1. I couldn't get a photo of both from just the one side due to the shoulder height of the car, and me being only 6 foot tall... and there wasn't enough to see to make it worth a photo from the other side. The one shot of the cockpit shows all there was worth seeing, for me.... the gauges chosen, the steering wheel, seat design, and interior aesthetic, so I stopped at just the one photo. Road legal is all depending on headlight laws, brakelight laws, noise limits, and tonnage on city streets... as you realize, it's smaller than a semi, and weighs less... so it's within the size law limits. The noise would be the only limiting factor in my opinion... it's all up to the DMV inspectors. Keeping in mind that a Messerschmitt, a Vespa, and a fuel tanker are all legal but worlds away from a typical car... about everything else is possible. And Rodney isn't building these for street use in the USA... Australia has much easier laws as we can see by the road trains, and other countries like India aren't very concerned about policing the ox carts vs Rolls Royce, so they probably wouldn't care.