Thursday, March 15, 2012

More things that caught my eye at the Temecula Rod Run 2012

 I've posted at least one gallery of this car before
 covered in Line-X or Rhino Liner or some similar non slip, non scuff, highly durable pickup bed aftermarket spray on material
 Studebaker COE
 1932 Auburn Boattail Speedster

 a late 1960's Ford 4x4 with a camper top used by a gem and rockhound in the late 60's and through the 1970's . Still equipped the way it was then.

 I dig the old clothes washer basket full of wood, and clamped to the back bumper. This truck has 5 gas tanks, one has a drain so the generator can be gassed up.

 1936 Henney Hearse, story just below... but it was found in a field in Alaska


  1. That rockhounding rig is amazing! My wife and I have our own, but we're young and haven't developed the everything-you-need, nothing-you-dont perfection that it displays. In the first picture, they have a little kitchen light, two drawers built into the bedside, a water spout (with a little wire to hold a kettle) and a hose tap beside it that is probably the filler, a bottle opener, and an electric outlet. In the second look how the cooler (a locking Coleman, best you can buy, the only cooler you can get spare parts for) fits exactly between the wheel and the dryer drum of firewood. The shovel uses the space between the bumper and the camper door jamb. What's hanging on the shelf door? Shade poles? Kebab sticks? The "Portorator" in the 3rd pic is probably a 12v electric swamp-cooler chiller, we have one of those. We also have the water bag, they hang on the front bumper and make water cool in the scorching desert. The little chamberpot is something we should think about- peeing at night is cold! Betcha that's a folding shovel in the bag.
    Overall, a masterpiece of a life lived well. And wonderful that someone cared to preserve it.