Monday, November 10, 2008

One thing leads to another, a cool guy, a cool restored tractor, an incredible guy who invented stuff and succeeded at a wide variety of things!

Faced with the task of clearing the massive acreage needed for Lake Texoma, he and his father invented a mobile circular saw.
When he wanted to plant a World War II Victory Garden but didn't need a farm tractor, he invented and manufactured the Jaques Mighty Mite, a little tractor for small acreage.
Still later, while clearing land for the Tennessee Valley Authority, he invented and manufactured a hydraulically controlled earth auger to set utility poles.
He did it all with a GED education.
John Jaques had to drop out of high school to help support his family. His father had tuberculosis and could not work.
During the Great Depression, Mr. Jaques was a stone mason for the Civilian Conservation Corps. He did the cornerstones for a lot of the buildings for the CCC, they chose him because he was such a perfectionist.

He next worked as a cook, then he entered construction work, which led to a contract to clear land for Lake Texoma. He needed a fast, efficient way to cut timber, so he invented the Jaques Power Saw.
Its popularity led to the creation of the Jaques Power Saw Co. in Denison.
During World War II, Jaques Power Saw Co manufactured two-wheel Jeep trailers for the military. Has terrific original advertising

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