Saturday, November 18, 2023

bizarre that so many small trucks were made, but no one either does, or can, them anymore. A Toyota Toyopet Corona


  1. It's so cute, I just love it.

  2. I watched a youtube vid on why we don't have small trucks. It has to do with the gov't regulations that say a certain wheelbase has to have a certain MPG and since they can't get a small truck that high MPG they just quit making them.

    1. I'll be damned. I figured that the govt was the root cause of the issue, but I never would have guessed it was due to the fleet fuel efficiency rule!
      Why the hell can a big truck meet the requirement, but not a small/tiny lightweight truck meet a higher MPG number.... ? Seems to me that either the requirement for a ridiculously high MPG number is the wrong priority, or that the big heavy trucks are performing miracles to be the choice of what gets accepted and bought INSTEAD of a tiny truck.
      This comes up as I find that I can't move speakers with my hatchback car, but could with a tiny truck.
      I can't move the K member, the wheels, etc etc with my commuter, but could with a tiny truck
      I will have to rent a full size truck to get the stuff moved.

    2. It's a sliding scale based on footprint. The irony is that it's easier to make a bigger vehicle since the standards are lower, meaning the EPA is encouraging bigger vehicles and more gas consumption.