Wednesday, January 20, 2021

in Brunei, they are making some far out stuff, but there aren't any magazines or websites over there to give the fun stuff the publicity it deserves

Indonesia’s roads are full of scooters. Eighty-five percent of the people who live there, own and ride scooters, many as their primary source of transportation.

Vespa sampah (“garbage Vespa”) and Vespa gembel (“Vespa drifter”), as they are known by locals. 

The unique design of the riders is partially attributed to their emergence in the early 2000s 

When coinciding with the fall of the Soeharto authoritarian regime, and then the country went through a financial crisis in 1997 and has struggled to recover. 

The prices of things like scooters has soared, meaning many cannot afford a new one; the manufacturer stopped importing them in 2001, at any rate. 

A culture of rebuilding, reuse and customization has sprung up around the shortage. If you can’t buy what you need new, you find it used and fix it yourself.

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