Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Golden Sabre GTO from Knafel Pontiac, with the rare Ram Air V engine and Hurst wheels. 1 OF 12 made. I've never heard of this before!

All were ordered with a white exterior, then repainted in-house with a special Pearlescent White paint obtained from a vendor in Florida. All 12 cars also received polished Hurst Wheels, special gold accents, and the "Golden Sabre - Super Tuned" lettering on the front fender was hand painted in gold leaf. According to Bill Knafel, all 12 cars had 3.90 - 4.33 gears, some were automatics, and they cost a few hundred dollars more than a RAIV GTO. There was no warranty with these cars.



  1. Time machine back to 72'- a mint 4sp 69 GTO RA-V for sale for $2300 in the Akron car classifieds