Wednesday, March 11, 2020

the Farm Victory Volunteers, that's one I haven't heard of before, "see your principal" indicates it's aimed at teen girls. Did they seriously expect girls in high school to drop out and become red cross workers?


  1. No, the ad was aimed at young women under 18 or otherwise not eligible for the military working on farms, equating farm work with jobs in the military. England had the same scheme and it worked very well.

  2. You got me curious so I looked it up.

    Victory Farm Volunteers employed high school and college students during summer vacations. The non-profit was located in NYC but trial farms were in Vermont and New Hampshire.

    1. Hey! Thanks! Very nice of you to help me out with info! Now, if you'd only fill in your profile so you weren't "unknown" and instead had a name for me to get to know you by, or at least so I could properly attribute the information and thanks to.
      That would be nice also.