Tuesday, March 10, 2020

In 1954, this pickup truck stalled and rolled backward into Bull Valley Gorge in Utah, killing the three men inside. You can still see the truck hanging suspended above the canyon floor.

The truck plunged down abut 60 feet into the gorge before it became wedged in the narrowing walls. Two of the men fell out of the truck and continued to the floor of the canyon over 100 feet away. The third gentleman remained in the truck. Sadly, all three of the men died, with the body of the fellow in the truck not being retrieved until the next spring.



  1. Must've been quite some job getting the dead bodies out of the truck....

  2. Not accurate. Only one gentleman was ejected, the other two remained in the cab of the truck. Also, rescue efforts (to retrieve the other two bodies) began and commenced immediately after.

    1. I used three sources, what's yours?

  3. There's another article where they say only one was ejected and that the bodies were retrieved the day after they were found. The author used first hand sources. Not sure about the number of people ejected, but I'm sure they retrieved the bodies immediately. The winter weather isn't harsh. They wouldn't have to wait for spring. And these were three prominent family men from the local town of only about 40 families. They would have been out there immediately retrieving them.