Sunday, October 25, 2015

looks cool to me. The fabrication of "Goomba" James Shwartz, a '30 Model A, with a Honda F20C-S2000 engine

I would love to see this in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge

Right now I'm asking, why hasn't Hot Rod magazine featured this car? Or Car Craft? Garage built, 1930 Model A body, and street legal

The reason for the tow at the end of the film was a clutch problem. This car is so new they are still working out the bugs

found on

 Beck Kustoms F132


  1. This concept was shamelessly ripped off
    from concept artist Aaron Beck

    1. that is what I found out when looking in Fuel Magazine issue 20 about an hour before you let me know... such a strange day for coincidences! Thanks though, for letting me know. How in the world did you remember this?

  2. I featured Becks work back in August 14 on my blog, great concept he came up with but also nice to see someone do it....i think its a cool thing and hey i am up for a drive.

    1. I posted his many Barracuda variations in 2012 but didn't know he had done 1930 Model A F1 concepts... maybe he hadn't yet

  3. There is an inherent safety issue that prevents us from allowing any open wheel cars to compete in #DriveOPTIMA or #OUSCI events

    1. Good morning Optima! Wow, I'm surprised to see a comment here from you, especially when it's not on my coverage of the Optima Challenge!
      As to open wheel vehicles, this is something I don't think I've ever discussed, but, now that you've brought it up, what is the safety issue with an open wheel car? It's on a timed event alone on the track, so, what is so unsafe that Optima brings up the issue?
      After all, wasn't a motorcycle in the running in 2017 or 2018?

    2. Oh, and by the way, you're wrong. If you mean, in the future, you won't allow any open wheel vehicle... then ok, say "in the future we won't allow open wheel"
      Because I wasn't born yesterday, I've been covering the Optima challenge for 7 wonderful years, and an open wheel vehicle DID participate. 2013
      or google t-OUSCI-2013_581
      right there in the front row.
      or you can see it racing in my photo, from 2014

    3. Or maybe it was allowed in because it was a sponsors car, and Optima was ok with that, but now you won't allow someone who isn't a sponsor to participate in the same vehicle?
      Look up Ride Tech. Bret Voelkel with his Factory Five '33 Ford

    4. Correction, I've been covering the Optima Challenge for 10 years. I forgot that back in 2009 I was featuring the cars.
      And to make sure you don't think I'm referring to current sponsors, fine... I'm referring to the "2009 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational presented by Ridetech", and maybe other years.

  4. Just so you don't think I'm upset, or lashing out, or whatever... I'm not. I'm a big fan of the Optima series, and have been for the past decade.
    I'm also going to read and react to what someone says, especially when it's wrong, fact checked, and now cross checked to be the sponsor's car, the open wheel 33 Factory Five that Brad Voelkel was driving in the Optima races, with the Optima challenge door panel decal.
    So, could you reply with some statement that makes sense of your statement "There is an inherent safety issue that prevents us from allowing any open wheel cars to compete in #DriveOPTIMA or #OUSCI events" in light of the fact that there was seemingly no issue with "any open wheel cars" when the sponsor chose to participate in the race with his own?
    Or should myself, other fans, car guys, readers, and future articles and interactions with Optima to be constantly reminded that there are two rules, the ones for sponsors, and the ones for people that don't have the wealth to sponsor the Optima Challenge?
    As I just have the one line of thinking, that you've brought up an issue that no one asked about, and now you've brought up something that you say you won't allow, but are looking at the many photos of the fact that you have indeed allowed.
    And the floor is yours, the ball is in your court, and the audience awaits your reply....