Saturday, February 29, 2020

this is just hard on the eyes.... how in the world did anyone drive to a showroom, look at this, and eagerly reach for the checkbook? Salesmen must have been delirious to make one leave the dealership


  1. Yeah, they were butt ugly, but so were a lot of their contemporaries. They were however, damn fine cars to drive.
    As an AMC/Jeep field rep averaging 60k miles a year with a new one every 5,000 miles, I drove a whole boatload of them!

  2. That's a 1974 AMC Matador. I was selling them back then and AMC-Nash-Customers were very loyal to the brand, but they were an older crowd. The younger customers preferred the AMX series and a few folks liked to Pacer. They were all good cars but fit and finish wasn't the best. It was mainly brand loyalty that kept the doors open.

  3. They assembled and sold these in Australia. We had a 73 model with the shorter nose (much better look) and we also thought the 76 looked weird and ugly and said we would never trade up to it. It was the last AMC sold in Australia. Numbers sold each year were only in the 100,s from less then 10 dealers across Australia.

  4. You're just mean Jesse. 😄 You're right though, it is an ugly brut. That nose just stuck out too far. And of course in '74, Elephantiasiss of the bumpers (as a 'safety feature') messed up a lot of designs.

  5. Not uglier than the Pacer !
    my mom drove a purple Gremlin for years. it was a nice improvement over the 66 Beetle she had before that, lot more power, a heater and defroster that worked, and AC !

    1. I disagree, I don't thing the Pacer was ugly. It certainly was no Italian sportscar, but still... it's just a bit unusual, that's all.
      Dang, you're right, there was a lot lacking in a VW bug.