Tuesday, July 16, 2019

There's an auction in Atlanta that has some cool interesting stuff, focused mainly on Corvettes, Jeeps, and tractors (thanks Doug!)

interesting, and rare, like this Jeep ambulance body for example

or a couple half tracks that are currently under 1000 dollars, and with a couple for parts, a rebuild seems far more possible to happen

a couple small 1940s John Deere tractors

a 1953 GMC deuce and a 1/2

A 1953 Daimler Ferret Scout w/ Rolls Royce engine, for under 6 thou

a 63 Split window for about 52 thou

a Sun distributor tester for 300

there's a Whizzer

a Korean War era M38

and a 1949 tank - which every pain in the ass will tell you isn't a real tank, but is a "self propelled gun" so- like I said, it's a tank. Canadian, so maybe it's all Whitworth nuts and bolts, or metric. Who knows?  If you're one of the pain in the ass people that is compelled to correct everyone who doesn't give a damn about the specifically technical accurate definitive catagory for old tanks? Zip it. Realize that no one else wants to be corrected UNLESS they ask you what the hell are they looking at. Then you can tell the the right words, and when you see their lack of comprehension, you'll remember I told you so, and you'll probably say "like a tank, but without the bigger cannon turret"

plus a lot of Corvette parts, tractor parts, etc etc.


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  1. That Sexton is double Canadian, not only design in Canada but it's also model Mk.II on Grizzly chassis. Canadian build M4A1. Easy to spot the difference, frontal cover for transmission is not single piece cast but multiple parts holded by screws. I see already someone buy it... I wonder what was his story. Sometimes that can be amazing war story or just boring training duty.

    Half Truck with corvette on top is in poor shape, but... it this is a join transaction then, hmmm... half of truck and half of corvette in one piece can be interesting.