Thursday, April 18, 2019

this year is the 25th anniversary of the Hot Rod Power Tour

I remember when they started the Power Tour, great idea, and it has grown and become quite the impressive annual hot rod event

Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 expects to show and drive over 6,000 vehicles. The 2019 Tour starts off where the 2018 Tour ended, ending where the 1995 Tour began a quarter-century ago.

June 8 zMax Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC
June 9 Martinsville Speedway, Ridgeway, VA
June 10 Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN
June 11 Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, KY
June 12 Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, IN
June 13 Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN
June 14 Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, OH

In his March 1995 editorial, Drew wrote; “Join us on our Power Tour. We’re driving several of our project vehicles and personal cars from Los Angeles to Norwalk, Ohio, to attend the first Power Fest. The trip should be a blast, and we want a bunch of you to join us.” They also repeated this message along with the intended route and stops in the next couple of issues.

When the staff met on the roof parking lot of the Petersen Museum early on May 13th for the start, eight adventurous readers showed up to join them for the entire 2,000-mile trip to Norwalk. Only 16 cars, half being Hot Rod project cars or cars driven by magazine staff, along with eight loyal readers. There were also a couple dozen other drivers that would accompany the group for the first leg of the journey. This was it … the humble beginning.

1995 Hot Rod Power Tour

May 13 - Petersen Automotive Museum;
Los Angeles, CA
Salina, Kansas to Chicago, IL
May 20-21 - Hot Rod Power Festival at Norwalk Raceway; Norwalk, OH

I wanted to join in on that, but, the Navy wasn't seeing why they should give me the time off work to go do that.

I'm still pissed that the jacket I ordered was swapped, or substituted at the factory, for the Rod and Custom hot rod run jacket instead. Over 200 bucks, and I ordered the Power Tour jacket, and those bastards sent me some bullshit substitute. Did they offer a refund? Nope. Offer to get me the right one when they went back to production for the next year? Nope. They took my money and decided I'd get something I didn't order, and didn't want

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  1. The Power Tour will probably go right by my city on the way to Norwalk. A few years ago, they went from Norwalk to another track, maybe Indy, and we saw a lot of nice cars going by.