Friday, April 19, 2019

Mopar trivia

With the 1977 Chrysler, the left fender mounted turn indicator would light up when the gas pedal was floored. When reading the owner's manual the answer turns up. The car had a "gas saver" feature- upon low to no vacuum the fender light on the driver's side would light up, indicating poor fuel economy

Mopars set up for the hearing impaired used the left indicator set up on a vacuum switch so if the car stalled the left indicator light came on

They didn't make a 69 Charger with the 727 and a Dana 60

Early 68 RoadRunners had the bird jumping not running and it was in black and white because the deal with Warnerbros wasn't final yet.

Early 69 Roadrunners had a black beep beep horn, black outside door handle buttons

You could operate the car radio without the ignition key on Mopars built in the 60's-70's by pushing the brake pedal while turning on the hazard lights and left turn signal all at the same time. If you took your foot off the brake pedal, the radio would go on and off along with the flashers. Putting your foot back on the brake would stop the flashers and the radio would play continuously.

In a 69 Dodge Charger with power windows, if you don’t have the keys on you and you need to close the windows, turn on the emergency flashers, step on the brake, set the turn signal lever in the left or right signal position, and the power windows will operate.

Chrysler built a 350 V8 in 1958

the pentastar symbol only went on the passenger's side fender to market to pedestrians on the sidewalk. And they wanted the pentastar symbol to be more recognized than anyone name brand.

Any 440 cars built after June of 1971 got 6pack rods installed. Chrysler had too many rods pre-ordered when the 440/6 option was discontinued. They used all the cranks and rods up till they were gone.

all Dodge and Plymouth 68 hardtops had the lock in the rear and were moved for 69 to prevent break ins and theft

69 Charger Daytona uses 70 Charger fenders. 70 Superbird uses 70 Coronet fenders, and hood.

The side marker lights on a 70-71 cuda were exact same as the ones on a 70 fury

426 Hemi cars were made with air conditioning, the Monteverdi

1973 Duster Twister used the twin scoops from a '69 440 Cuda.

A 70 340 Duster instrument panel is the same as a 67 to 69 Barracuda. Also the 70 Roadrunner used a 69 Charger instrument panel.

A Charger Daytona has the exact same rear window glass as a Vega hatchback

Any Chrysler starter, (63 to 87) will fit any Chrysler engine(V8, slant 6) except the hemi.

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