Friday, April 19, 2019

this ought to settle last weeks controversy about Javelin vs AMX


  1. In deed it does say Javelin on the side of the racer, and I'm wondering if it was to promote the AMC Javelin, because when I look up 1969 AMX the car I'm seeing is this body style. Very strange.

  2. A 2 foot difference in body length makes the AMX short door & quarter panel easy to ID. How can anyone not know this?

  3. The 2 foot difference in length makes the AMX door and quarter panel easy to ID. I cannot believe anyone doesn't know that.

    1. Never paid any attention to it myself. I look at a car, and either can identify it, or look at it until I get something on it somewhere that tells me what it is, and by that looking around, catalog it in my memory for next time. Like the Wildcat emblem. Once you see it, you know it, and won't need to see the car to say Wildcat instead of Cougar, or Jaguar